Be part of our mission!

How about we give something back to the community? Let’s educate, and empower people!

At BanskoLab you will make a global impact while acting on a local level. We need your help to create a bigger impact. Join our mission and let’s shape a better future together 

Our Vision

To create a place everywhere in the world where you can walk in and start innovating and collaborating for a better world.


A physical space that brings innovation & digital education to the Bansko community, through a walk-in collaboration experience.


Do you have ideas you want to work on? Share them and start the “Kolaboration”. 


BanskoLab is community driven, feel free to host your events with us. Everyone is welcome.


BanskoLab have resources you can utilize if you have a good idea. Let’s innovate!


We only wear the colors of innovation. Just like any other café, you can just walk in.

Are we a co-working? No!

Are we a co-living? No.

Let's start the trend.

We are a caf.

Come, buy a coffee. Work, chill, play a video game. Start a"Kollaboration". Enjoy, be productive.

Find us:

Pirin street 1a

(Next to BG Market)

Contact Us

+359 87 634 2540