Decentralized Coffee

  • Lightning network
  • Bitcoin
  • Smart contract

Imagine buying a coffee, after paying your cup of coffee you know for sure, everyone involved in bringing you that cup of coffee gets their rightful share, taxes are paid in real time, the farmer gets fair paid for he’s/hers work.

#NoFutureTalk. The tech is here and we are using it.

Real Time Fair Split

Before we receive our money from a customer. Everyone involved in the process gets their fair split in real time.

Real Time Cost

Gas price becomes higher due to external factors. The person responsible for the transport will automatically get a higher split.

Real Time Price Variatons

Price shouldn’t be fixed. As economies, we are not fixed. As humans, we move and evolve. Pay what you should. Always.

Transparent Taxes.

The question is not if we should pay taxes. The question is what is the fair amount. Pay it. But pay what is fair. Transparency is key.

Our 90 days challenge at BanskoLab.

Encouraging young entrepreneurs

Finishing February 27.22