Urgent call.

For the last month we have been closed as Julia, an important staff member left Bansko, and we couldn´t manage to have the cafe opened! But we didn´t stop working behind the scenes: We are official and legally a Non-Profit Organisation, and we have applied for 2 big international projects funded by Erasmus program.

We have to wait a couple of months until we have an answer about these projects, but unfortunately, the bills don´t stop! After paying the rent, we have just received the electricity bill and for the months we have been working and hosting ruffly an event per day, we have now a 700lev bill to pay!

We have been thinking in solutions for this big bill, as we can not continue to self fund anymore, so we thought of asking our community, the ones who love to enjoy BanskoLab space, for a contribution to help us! Any donation is welcome



280 lev

Pledged of 780 lev goal


Days to go

With Cash

You can donate cash at our main location “Pirin” Str. 1, 2770 кв. Стария град, Bansko




Account holder:


BE96 9672 6668 6005


Currently unavailable




Teach 15 kids how to program starting with python.

We will introduce 15 kids into the world of programming. These 15 kids will be our first ambassadors, they will carry our mission and share their knowledge with more local kids.

Create a system where our embassadors help the local community.

Our ambassadors will get more responsibilities as their abilities grow, they will be mentors to the new upcoming kids.

Technology Fair 2022

Our first tech fair, from the kids to the kids!

Enroll them in "jobs" for the community

Bansko is great! Our kids will make it greater by sharing knowledge, applying knowledge into making Bansko “better”


  • Adding Local business to Google maps/Google
  • Creating applications to help the local community into the tech transition
  • Solving day to day problems with the new skills acquired (walk a dog app, delivery app for Bansko, recycling calendar, app to vote for public works etc.)


Becky Wong

Donation: €40

Nathan day

Donation: €150

Jose Fiallo

Donation: €16.000

Chloe Hammond

Donation: €15

Mark Carter

Donation: €150

Charles Sibbald

Donation: Raspberry Pi’s

Ekaterina Kicha

Donation: €150



About Your Donations, Where & How They are used

We can’t do this alone. Luckily, we have your help. In this page, you will find all the information needed to understand how we spend your donation and why we need it. Also, who donated it. Feel free to read, ask or collaborate in any possible way. Nothing is too little or too much.

Cost of running the Lab every month

The lab has its own cost. Currently, the lab isn’t profitable as a business. We rely on donations to exist.


€1.200 Needed every month

Buy 10 portable screens for the skillshare

Every kid need the proper tools to learn. We require 10 portable monitors, we are planning on buying this model.


€1.691,3 Needed

Customs and VAT

A bunch of Raspberry Pi’s coming from the UK need to be transported to Bulgaria.


€350 Needed



Legal form

"BanskoLab" Foundation.

Find us:

Pirin street 1a

(Next to BG Market)

Contact Us

+359 87 634 2540