An open letter to everyone interested in the future of BanskoLab

BanskoLab started as an experiment, and pretty soon it turned into an NGO with a very clear mission. We want BanskoLab to serve as a bridge between foreigners and locals to create positive social change through social impact-themes, culture & language exchanges, skill-sharing programs, advocacy events, meet-ups, impact workshops, volunteering and more. BanskoLab is a safe, open-source environment for everyone. We are exploring the technologies of the future while keeping it casual. It’s a playground for everyone.

As the founder, I am seriously in the business of starting new things. The lab will also include an incubator program, which incubates new efforts to help the new era of web3 to become a reality. We are also stoked about creating investment arms, Ventures and Capital, as part of this new structure.

But, we can’t do it alone! And even though the future looks bright, we still need your help. So far we have several weekly events to inspire, entertain and empower the community, and we act as an internet-cafe where anyone can work from and meet other like-minded people. This is all according to our mission.

We are in a good phase to accomplish our goals. The place is growing and the number of people using it is growing as well. This also means that the cost in terms of time and money is growing with it. BanskoLab Is no longer a job that can be done by 2 people. We urgently need to do some changes in order to keep this place flourishing. We would like to emphasize the urgency of the matter. Luckily, we know BanskoLab has a community that understands the importance of this place in Bansko and the world. That’s why we come to you for help!

How can you help?

BanskoLab needs voluntueers.

  • We need help at the bar
  • We need help with the numbers
  • We need help to get the NGO process going
  • We need help with our marketing

BanskoLab requires funding
Funds for the Lab are essential. Selling coffees is not enough for what we are doing in this place. Since day one, BanskoLab has been entirely funded by me. And if we want to create something solid that is here for everyone and stays, this needs to change. We want to have open books for everyone to see our cost, as well as your contribution, everything will be open for everyone to see at

We are excited about…

  • Getting more ambitious things done.
  • Taking the long-term view.
  • Empowering great entrepreneurs and companies to flourish.
  • Investing at the scale of the opportunities and resources we see.
  • Improving the transparency and oversight of what we’re doing.
  • Making The Lab even better through greater focus.

And hopefully… as a result of all this, improving the lives of as many people as we can.

Jose Fiallo



Legal form

"BanskoLab" Foundation.

Find us:

Pirin street 1a

(Next to BG Market)

Contact Us

+359 87 634 2540